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Common problems in non-standard machine knife production
- Jul 16, 2018 -

With the development of industrial science and technology, the use scope of non-standard machine knives has been continuously expanded. When using non-standard machine knives, the knives need no adjustment, simple operation and safe processing. Can achieve rough drilling, expansion and hole processing. The clamping parts of non - standard machine knives have holes and handles. The shank of many non-standard machine knives with handles is made of low alloy steel, while the working part is welded with high speed steel. The following problems should be paid attention to in non-standard machine knife machining.

1. The general strength and hardness of the non-standard machine knives is low, but in the process of production to overheating processing, at the same time to choose better material hardness, such as high-speed containing cobalt just blade has higher hardness of workpiece material, tool can be processed with high quality hard alloy material with high rigid material. Only in this way can the better cutting process.

2. The problem of the machine knife material, especially on material, and part is in the design process not to notice the Angle of the knife is poor, the non-standard machine knives tend to be more easily broken, affect the service life of blade.

3. The geometric shape of this knife is different. During heat treatment, attention should be paid to the Angle of easy deformation and bending degree.

4. The machine knife surface is rough, can be done by changing the geometrical angles, this aspect of the design process is very complicated, need according to the analysis of actual processing site, will have better results.

5. The last one is about the size of non-standard machine knife. We all know that the size of any knife varies too much, which will easily lead to the efficiency of the knife in use.