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Why Does The Circular Blade Industry In China Remain In A Downturn?
- May 25, 2018 -

Why does the circular blade industry in China remain in a downturn?

As a matter of reason, the circle blade industry is very promising, and the circular blade is also a relatively low period, what is the problem caused by the round blade, to know that the circular blade is currently popular in the market, but why the development of the circular blade in the domestic market is not so satisfactory, the circular blade in the domestic market is lack of professional differentiation production. Goods. The urgent matter is that the circular blade of the domestic market lacks the ability of independent innovation. The enterprise is the common problem of our cemented carbide circular blade enterprise, which is weak in independent innovation ability, and the vicious competition has led to the stop of the industry.

The high requirement of users for circular inserts also poses a greater challenge to China's traditional high-speed steel cutting tool industry. Most of the private cutting tool enterprises that we normally encounter are mostly "multi and full", lacking classification and pertinence. As far as aviation, aerospace, rail transportation and marine equipment are the three most closely linked high-end equipment manufacturing industries, there are few experts in any one field in three fields, which shows that the gap between us and the developed countries is not a little bit. Under such circumstances, especially to reduce the gap between domestic and foreign round blade products, we must divide the industry into a fine differentiation and increase the quality of the product itself, break through the current situation in the industry, break through the barrier, create a major standard for the circle blade industry, and establish a new standard for the development of the industry. At present, such a situation for the circle blade industry is also a, technology science and technology bending machine mould manufacturers have also increased their own product innovation, and strive to establish a good development form and trend in the first start of the industry.

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