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Analysis on the cause of cutting knife of paper cutting machine
- Aug 09, 2018 -

A paper cutter is a necessary machine for a printing house. It is used to cut paper before and after printing. The operation of the paper cutter is simple, there is no special requirement for the environment, as long as the power supply, it can work normally. After the captain of the paper cutting, more or less, there will be some problems, such as the paper cutting knife not action, noise, push the paper machine not action. Some users have reported to us, said that the newly installed paper cutter, cut a knife, the blade on the collapse of the problem. Below, give you a simple analysis of the paper cutting machine knife blade collapse reason? Blade sharpening Angle of choice, the quality of grinding, grinding clearance of blade time affect the flatness and smoothness of the paper cutting, generally the Angle of the blade for 19 °, if the cutting paper is hard, just need to increase the Angle of the blade, to improve the quality of the blade grinding, grinding to ensure that when the coolant is enough, to avoid edge annealing, before cutting, can use first sharpening stone finely polished edge, and apply soap and paraffin wax on the blade, such not only can improve the sharpness of cutting edge and finish, can prolong the service life of paper cutting knife, cutting quality of the finished product is better. The reason why the chipping blade can occur in the actual operation is that the operators shorten the grinding time of the blade and lack of cooling fluid, resulting in annealing of the blade. The width of the paper cutting knife becomes narrower. The nut must be adjusted during installation to make the blade cut into the cushion blade.