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How much do you know about the classification of tools? (2)
- Dec 22, 2018 -

Industrial blades can by divided into materials used in manufacturing

1 High-speed steel cutter High-speed steel is usually a parison material. Its toughness is better than that of hard alloy. Its hardness, wear resistance and red hardness are worse than that of hard alloy. It is not suitable for cutting materials with high hardness and is not suitable for high-speed cutting. High-speed steel tools need to be sharpened by the producer before use, and the sharpening is convenient, suitable for non-standard tools of various special needs.

2 Carbide tools Carbide inserts have excellent cutting performance and are widely used in CNC turning. Carbide inserts are available in standard sizes. The specific technical parameters and cutting performance are provided by the tool manufacturer.

3 ceramic cutter

4 cubic boron nitride cutter

5 diamond cutter