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H13 high quality chipper blade has high hardness, high wear resistance and good performance.
- Jul 22, 2018 -

In recent years, the integration of forestry machinery and chipper blades has created new opportunities in the market and has received strong attention from relevant government departments and industry. At present, in order to make the chipper blade's response speed faster and the operation more stable, the company specially customizes the developed product for the customer. In the course of many years of cooperation, after the company understands the customer's demand for the chipper blade, especially in the harsh environment of wood waste wood processing, the urgent requirements for the stability of the chipping equipment, began to invest heavily in machine tools and tools. In the R&D test, it was finally successfully recognized by customers. In addition to being able to handle a variety of harsh chipping environments, the chipper blades made by H13 Steel are also well-versed in the shaving operations of building formwork.


At present, the H13 high-quality chipper blade has the characteristics of high hardness, high wear resistance, safe operation, environmental protection and high efficiency. In recent years, domestic chipper blade manufacturing enterprises have attached great importance to product research and development and product quality, and actively promoted the production and manufacture of high-efficiency tools. In the future, they will continue to develop and innovate, focus on the center of gravity, and firmly grasp the initiative of the market. Develop more scientific and technological products, and ultimately create more updated value for users and society. In recent years, due to the efficient tools to help China's forestry machinery manufacturing industry, it has achieved great development. However, China's industrialization must create new competitiveness, and it will be spurred in the next few years instead of simple linear growth.