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High quality slitter blade
- Jun 28, 2018 -

In the machining process of precision slitter blade, the high precision of the cutter is combined with the high speed slitter to form a fast processing channel, which brings a very fast production speed for the enterprise. Both are, relative to the processing speed, the need to be equipped with precision and good finish of the tool to achieve a uniform speed, the precision of machine tools, tools and fixtures are very important. At present, the fixed tool clamping error values within 0.03 mm, and the error of the tool value is more demanding, can under certain cutting pressure effect, the processed materials processing, quickly on the surface of burr and other bad effects.

To slitting machine blade to get higher accuracy, and the grinding process control is very important, and the selection of abrasive should have viscoelastic, softness and cutting property of semi-solid grinding wheel, different viscosity, grinding type, particle size, can also work out different roughness effects. Now, commonly used slitter blade grinding wheel is given priority to with silicon carbide, cubic boron nitride and alumina, the grinding wheel can be used to the surface of the cutting tool and uniform grinding, and produce tiny grinding heat, avoid the tool deformation due to grinding temperature and annealing, so as to ensure the quality of the cutting tool and machining speed.

In order to more smoothly completed slitter blade grinding, get the best effect of roughness, enterprises are summarized many factors affecting the quality of the cutting tool, besides the reason of the equipment, enterprise also trained a batch of experienced operators, design the suitable grinding fixture, achieve the purpose of fine grinding, ensure the machining accuracy of slitting machine blade, stability, and sharp. At present, in view of the cutting machine application scope is more and more high, all kinds of light industry, packaging, decoration industry is inseparable from the cutting machine and cutting tool, in order to cutting tool industry market will be more and more big, will become another bright spot in the development of industry.