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Intelligentization of cutting tool and cavity machining
- May 25, 2018 -

Intelligentization of cutting tool and cavity machining

Cutting tool suppliers usually employ experienced experts to visit the workshops, and recommend cutting tools and processing parameters that can increase productivity for specific processing tasks. If this processing needs to be repeated, the technical service may be of great value, but if it is only occasionally done, the service will only have marginal value.

The workshops can also modify and optimize their NC programs according to the relevant tables and rules, but the programmers and mechanists often do not have enough time to master and use the knowledge unless they are for high value processing tasks.

If cutting tools are more intelligent like computers, they can implant their performance characteristics under different processing conditions into software. With this information, it is possible to modify the processing parameters of all processing tasks (even conventional machining) to optimize productivity by modifying the user interface of the CAM software.