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Paper cutter knife equipment --oil leakage treatment
- Aug 13, 2018 -

From a normal point of view, Paper cutter knife equipment may basically leak oil after a long period of use, although the paper cutter can work normally in the event of oil leakage, but the fuel consumption of the paper cutter will cause fuel consumption. Increase, resulting in waste.


The oil leakage of the paper cutter knife equipment needs to be replaced with other structural parts such as the skeleton oil seal and the resin oil seal. After the replacement, the oil leakage problem can be solved. However, after many users have replaced, the oil leakage phenomenon of the paper cutter still exists, and the expected solution is not achieved. This is mainly because the quality of the replaced sealing ring is not up to standard, and these non-standard sealing rings are mainly It is because the inventory time is too long, which causes deterioration and aging. Therefore, replacing these seals can easily lead to the paper machine leaking again, thus affecting the sealing effect of the paper cutter. Therefore, the quality of the sealing ring should be paid attention to when replacing the sealing ring, so as to avoid repeated oil leakage problems.