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Plastic shredder blades
- Aug 26, 2018 -

Plastic shredder blades are blades used in machinery for the plastics industry. Blades are widely used in injection molding, plastic particles, waste plastics recycling and other industries.

Plastic shredder blades are divided into shredder blades, strong crusher blades, and pelletizer blades.

Today, talk about plastic shredder blade
1: The shredder blade is also called plastic blade and plastic smashing blade. It is also called nozzle blade in Guangdong. It is a mechanical blade that is mounted on a plastic shredder for plastic crushing. 2: The shredder blade adopts the flat knife design, which is divided into shredding moving knives and fixed knives. Generally, a pair of shredder blades are 5 pieces, composed of 3 pieces of shredder moving knives and 2 pieces of fixed knives. The knife produces shear to achieve the purpose of shredder the plastic material, and the shredder knife can be adjusted to control the size of the shredder particles. 3: The shredder blade is suitable for crushing and recycling various kinds of ABS, PE, PP board and other plastic materials; the shredder blade is divided into two types: all-steel blade and inlaid steel blade. 4: The shredder blade has two kinds of all-steel blades and inlaid steel blades. The heat treatment hardness is HRC52-55 degrees. Technical requirements: impact resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance.