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Polishing-circular knife
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Sometimes, some circular knives are asked to be polished. What is polishing?

Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece in order to obtain a bright, smooth surface processing method. Is the use of polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media to the workpiece surface modification processing.

Polishing can not improve the dimension precision or geometric shape precision of workpiece, but to obtain smooth surface or mirror gloss, and sometimes to eliminate gloss (extinction). Usually the polishing wheel is used as the polishing tool. The polishing wheel is usually made of multiple layers of canvas, felt or leather. The two sides are clamped with metal circular plates.

When polishing, high speed rotary polishing wheel (circumferential velocity in more than 20 m/s) pressure to the workpiece, make the workpiece surface abrasive cutting, rolling and trace for light processing surface, surface roughness generally can reach Ra0.63 ~ 0.01 microns; When using non - grease anti - gloss parabolic, the bright surface can be eliminated to improve the appearance. When producing bearing ball in large quantity, the method of roller polishing is often adopted.

Rough cast when will be a large number of steel ball, lime and abrasive in the tilt of the cylindrical roller, roller rotation, make steel ball inside the tube rolling at random collisions, such as abrasive to remove surface convex edge and the surface roughness is reduced, can remove allowance of 0.01 mm or so.

When fine throw in the wooden barrel into the steel ball and fur pieces, continuous rotation for several hours to get a bright surface. The polishing of precision line gauge is carried out by dipping the processing surface into the polishing liquid, which is made by mixing chromium-oxide micro-powder with emulsion with particle size of W5 ~ W0.5. Polishing wheel is made of material well after degreasing process made of wood or a special fine felt, its trajectory is uniform dense mesh, after polishing of the surface roughness is not more than Ra0.01 micrometers, in the microscope magnified 40 times less than any surface defects. There are also electrolytic polishing methods.