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Proper use of alloy planer blades allows you to do more with less
- Jul 21, 2018 -

Many customers often ask you if the blade is easy to use when choosing an alloy planer blade. Will it crack? Will the loss be large? Is there any after-sales? Which material will be more suitable for our machine? In fact, the customer's request is also our pursuit. A blade goes through many links from production to loss of scrap, and every link is also crucial. The most important concern for customers is how to use them to be safe, save time and improve efficiency. The following steps allow customers to relieve these troubles.


The first step is to pay attention to the alloy planer blade to be mechanically mounted. Check the tightening of each component after installation. To popularize the knowledge of the correct use of alloy planer blades. The second is to check the blade. Before installing the pulverizer blade, turn the rotor before starting the machine to see if the alloy planer blade is flexible and will not collide. Whether the direction of rotation of the alloy planer blade is the same as that indicated by the machine arrow, and the lubrication of the machine is good. Be careful not to change the pulleys casually to prevent the pulverizer blades from cracking due to too high a speed, but the low speed will affect the working efficiency. The last point is to feed, the feeding should be uniform, to prevent blockage, and not to overload the work for a long time, pay attention to the operation when operating. When problems are found, if there is vibration, noise, high temperature of the bearing and the body during operation, stop the inspection in time.