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Safe operation of the sharpener
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Tips for our machine knife customers about the safe operation of the sharpener.

In the equipment application of the sharpener manufacturer, safe operation is very important. The impact on the use of the sharpener is very large. We need to understand its operation method, ensure the normal use of the sharpener, and obtain better. Effect.

In daily work, before using the sharpening machine, you should read the manual carefully to prevent accidental injury caused by mistakes in operation. Also check whether the three-phase four-wire power is normal. The running direction of the grinding head and the grinding wheel is consistent with the direction indicated by the stroke button. . During the operation of the sharpener, the oil should be lubricated at any time on the track to prevent the track from being worn due to lack of oil. In the process of calibrating, if there is any error in the left and right, it can be adjusted through the adjusting screw on the tool holder; during the grinding process, it should be noted that the amount of the feeding cannot be too large, generally controlled between 0.01 and 0.02 mm to prevent If the amount of the knife is too large, the blade and the heat are too high to deform the blade, so that the blade edge of the blade is not in a straight line.

When the equipment of the sharpener manufacturer uses burrs on the blade edge, it means that the blade has been ground. No need to feed the knife until the spark is small, remove the blade and use the oil stone to deburr; when not in use, it must be Wipe the water stains on the knife holder, butter or oil to prevent rust; the oil hole on the machine must be filled before the machine is turned on every day.