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The shredder blade is an important role in the application of plastic processing
- Aug 02, 2018 -

In the plastics manufacturing industry, the shredder blade is a tool product that is used in a large amount and affects the industry. It is also a basic process accessory in the plastic industry production and plays a very important role. Therefore, the level of production technology of the shredder blade has become a measure of the level of manufacturing of a tool enterprise. In general, the manufacture of the shredder blade has a very important position in the tool industry, and solving the heat treatment process of the tool directly affects the use of the shredder, which is also a guarantee for the low energy consumption and low cost processing of the enterprise. Therefore, in the material selection of the shredder blade, special attention should be paid to the use of steel with good toughness and wear resistance, so as to ensure the quality and life of the tool.


At present, the shredder blade is an important role in the application of plastic processing. With the increasingly fierce competition in the tool market in recent years, companies are rushing to introduce the latest materials, making the tool a simple concept beyond the traditional sense, especially high technology. The emergence of advanced technical performance indicators has provided a broad stage for shredder blades. However, in the domestic market, as the level of many tool manufacturers is generally low, many users have weak demand for quality, which makes the entire market full of inferior tools, which has driven the demand of the domestic tool industry, which is not conducive to the domestic tool industry. Further development and greatly reduced the market reputation of the company.


Now, although China is already a big country in the manufacture of shredder blades, it maintains a considerable amount of tool exports, but most of these products have low added value, and the profits of enterprises are very low. Many companies still use traditional The main products, the low technical content, in the past few years, still maintained at nearly 80% level. According to statistics, at present, most of China is producing low-cost shredder blades. Only a small number of enterprises are expanding the production scale of high-end shredder blades. China's tool production capacity is constantly improving, the pace of innovation is accelerating, and international competitiveness is also increasing. Whether it is at the industrial level or at the enterprise level, it has a certain competitive strength. China has entered the ranks of the world's largest tool industry.