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Tungsten steel slitting circular blade
- Jul 26, 2018 -

The production process of tungsten steel slitting blade is divided into tungsten steel material and blade forming finishing.


A. Production process of tungsten steel slitting blade blank material


Ingredients (selected tungsten carbide powder + cobalt powder according to applicable requirements) → fully mixed → crushed → dried → sieved, added into molding agent → dried again → sieved to obtain mixed materials → mixed granulation, pressing → forming → (Germany Imported vacuum low-pressure sintering furnace) Low-pressure sintering → blank after sintering → inspection (non-destructive ultrasonic flaw detection) → blank dimensional accuracy inspection.


B. Tungsten steel cutting blade finishing forming process


Finishing blade plane→finishing knife inner circle and positioning groove→grinding blade outer circle and rough opening→finishing edge→appearance and dimensional accuracy inspection→blade test machine→marking→100% microscope inspection cutting edge→qualified product package.


Advantages of tungsten carbide slitting blade


1. It adopts high-precision grinding machine to sharpen the cutting edge, with high processing precision, high smoothness and high mirror finish (Ra≥0.012). It has sharp edge, no chipping and no curling. The section of the cut stitch is flat, smooth, without burrs, and has no barb.


2, high hardness, sharp edge, good wear resistance, long working cycle of one-time machine cutting, is more than 10 times longer than the life of high-speed steel slitting blade, the tungsten steel section after coating treatment is high-speed steel slitting The round blade is dozens of times or even hundreds of times.


3. It is resistant to acid, alkali, corrosion, oxidation and rust.