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Granulator troubleshooting
- Dec 19, 2018 -

(1) The screw runs normally but does not discharge

Reason: The feed of the hopper is not continuous; the foreign matter in the feed port is blocked or “bridging”; the hard metal inside the screw groove blocks the screw groove and cannot be fed normally;

Treatment method: increase the feeding amount to make the screw feeding continuous and stable; stop the foreign matter in the material port to eliminate the “bridge” phenomenon; if it is confirmed that metal foreign matter falls into the screw groove, immediately stop the disassembly screw to remove metal foreign matter.

(2) The host does not rotate or stops instantaneously

Cause: The power of the main motor is not turned on; the heating and heating time is insufficient, or one of the heaters does not work, causing the torque to be too large to overload the motor.

Treatment method: Check whether the host circuit is connected, turn on the power; check the temperature display of each segment, confirm the warm-up temperature rise time, check whether the heaters are damaged or have poor contact, and eliminate them.

(3) venting holes

Reason: The raw materials are not clean enough with impurities; the feed rate is too fast to make the screw extrusion unstable; the plasticizing temperature is not enough for screw extrusion.

Treatment method: clean the raw materials and then feed or replace the filter; reduce the feed amount to make the plasticized stable screw smoothly squeeze; increase the plasticizing temperature (the temperature should not be too high to prevent burn plastic and affect the production quality).

(4) The main motor rotates, but the screw does not turn

Cause: The transmission V has a loose bandwidth and wear and slip; the safety button is loose or disconnected.

Treatment: Adjust the V-belt center distance, tighten the belt, or replace the new V-belt; check the safety key, analyze the cause of the break, and replace the safety key.

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