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How To Maintain The Blade Of The Scrap Iron Shredder?
- Aug 06, 2018 -

1. When the scrap iron shredder blade is installed, the flange nut must be tight and the loose saw blade will slip during rotary cutting. The over-tightening saw blade will have internal damage or deformation affecting the cutting effect.

2. Regularly check the radial runout of the machine's main shaft, and the swing to ensure that the scrap iron shredder blades are cut off from each other.

3. Scrap iron shredder blades Before the cutting, it is necessary for the operator to bring protective equipment and check whether the saw protective cover is intact.

4. Use the largest possible flange to make the operation of the saw blade smooth, the flange size should be common, and the flange size is better for the saw blade diameter 1/3.

5. The scrap iron shredder blade should be idling for 30 seconds after the device is stable, and then start the cutting operation after determining that everything is normal.

6. The alloy head of the scrap iron shredder has a sharp and sensitive cutting edge, so it is necessary to take care to protect the alloy head from damage during blade movement, installation and disassembly.

7. Before the scrap iron shredder blade is installed, it is necessary to produce the sundries and the debris on the flange. The outer surface of the flange should be flat, clean and the shafts intersect each other straight.