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India, Nigeria Will Hold A National Strike In Early January, 2019
- Dec 27, 2018 -

Indian port and dock workers will hold a nationwide strike!

According to Indian media reports, the Water Transport Workers Federation of India has decided to join forces with other sister federations of the port to organize a nationwide strike to counter the Indian Parliament’s discussion at the Winter Conference on the promotion of the Main Port Authority Bill. 2016 (Major Port Authorities Bill 2016) implemented initiatives.

The Indian Water Transport Workers’ Federation stated that the proposed bill would deprive ports and dock workers and pensioners of all the benefits currently available, and that the bill would also sell port land, the largest asset owned by India’s main ports.

The Federation requested that the authorities not misappropriate the remaining funds, staff funds and pension funds of the port for private equity and bond investments, otherwise it would violate Article 88 of the Major Port Trust Act of 1963.

It is reported that the Indian trade union strike will be held on January 8 and 9, 2019, when there will be 10 national trade unions in India.

Foreign trade enterprises and freight forwarders communicate with customers and destination port agents in advance, and timely adjust shipping arrangements to avoid unnecessary losses.

Nigerian trade union will organize a national strike on January 8th

Nigeria's "Today" reported on December 22, the Nigeria Labor Congress (Nigeria Labor Congress) said that on January 8th will organize a national strike to protest against the federal government did not submit the minimum wage of 30,000 Naira to the National Assembly for deliberation. At the same time, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is also required to investigate the interception of funds received, funds returned by the Paris Club, and budgetary expenditures.

The Ministry of Commerce reported on the 24th

Nigerian Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, said he was convinced that the union would not embarrass the government.

The National Executive Committee of the Labor Conference met in Abuja and decided to hold a general strike in all states and the Federal Capital Territory on January 8, 2019. All industry clubs and state chapters will coordinate and cooperate to launch workers' strikes.

In addition, union chairman Ayuba Wabba and Secretary-General Peter Ozo-Eson also condemned the Ogun State government's deprivation of the basic human rights and freedoms of workers in the state, and some states owed employees several months' wages. And the practice of allowances has been criticized.

The union also stated that the federal and state governments did not pay much attention to education and ignored human resource development. The federal government refused to implement a memorandum signed with the Association for Federal Government Staff Association (ACADEMICSTAFF UNION OF UNIVERSITIES), did not allocate sufficient funds to support public education, and enhance the global influence of Nigerian universities.


It is recommended that foreign trade enterprises and freight forwarders who arrive at the major ports of these two countries during the strike communicate with customers and destination agents in advance to keep abreast of progress and adjust shipping arrangements to avoid unnecessary losses.