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Indonesia Strictly Checks The FORM E Certificate And Pays Attention To These Points To Avoid Fines!
- Dec 28, 2018 -

We do wood peeling knife business with Indonesian customers. Someone doesn't ask for Form E, but someone asks for Form E.

Anyone who has done FORM E in Indonesia should know that the requirements are particularly high, and the investigation is particularly strict. If they are not good, they will be reimbursed and fined. The requisition inquiry initiated by Indonesia involves a large variety of goods, including clothing, chemicals and machinery. The contents of the re-inquiry inquiry are varied: whether it meets the rules of direct transportation (whether the investigation has a transit port), whether the standard of the certificate of origin is consistent, the method of invoicing is questioned, and the manufacturer's information is not filled.

The Indonesian Customs will take measures such as deferring preferential treatment for tariffs, deducting goods first, collecting deposits or collecting taxes on goods subject to re-inquiries, and then refunding or otherwise processing them according to the results of the investigation. In addition, the Indonesian side does not return non-standard operations such as deposits, and the interests of enterprises are seriously damaged. In order to avoid losses, some enterprises have to choose to abandon the tariff preferences of the free trade zone.

About half of the certificates that were inspected by the Indonesian Customs can be returned to the deposit and enjoy the tariff concessions. The rest will be levied as usual, the deposits will not be refunded, and some will even be fined several times the tariff.

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