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Machine Blade Manufacturers: What Are The Reasons For The Circular Slitting Blade Broken?
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Machine blade manufacturers: What are the reasons for the circular slitting blade broken?


At present, more and more people and enterprises use circular blades to machine workpieces, but the problem of broken or broken circular sliting blades caused by a little carelessness has become a lot of trouble for processing companies and manufacturers.


Many customers have told us that they dont know whether the cause of the blade broken by the reason of the machine or operation. Sometimes the slitting blade that is bought will have an "accident". In view of this, we will simply tell us about our products and what may happen. Based on our understanding of the industry, we have the following eight suggestions:


First, the quality of the slitter blade itself is very important.


You must choose a high-quality circular slitting blade. If the quality of the tool itself is not enough, it is useless to be careful during the operation.


Second, choose the slitting machine blade that suits you.


It is not necessary to buy all the expensive ones when buying. The key is to suit yourself. It is necessary to be targeted. In particular, the selection of some important parameters of the cutting machine blade should be noted. It is like buying a circular blade at the time of purchase. It is necessary to tell the manufacturer clearly what kind of blade is needed, what size, hardness should be reached, and the requirements of the package have been made clear. After the blade is in accordance with the requirements, the operation can not be pushed to the supplier.


Third, improper use of the slitting blade causes abnormal damage.


Fourth, different cutting methods, with different circular blades.


Fifth, the quality of the machine itself.


The stability of the machine is not good, causing tremors during the cutting process, and it is normal to break the knife and collapse.


Sixth, the broken pieces of the knife cause secondary damage.


When changing the knife after cutting the knife, first remove the broken knife, and even some of the broken pieces of the knife must be removed, otherwise it is easy to cause the second broken knife, and then replace it with a suitable knife.


Last, the spindle speed is too low.