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Plastic Shredding Knife
- Jul 07, 2018 -

The plastic shredding knife is used in the plastic industry machinery knife, the plastic shredding blade is widely used in injection, plastic particles, waste plastics processing and other industries. The plastic damage machine blade is divided into damage machine blade, strong crusher blade and granulator blade.

Three types of plastic damage machine blade materials:


Damage machine blade: 65Mn spring steel, SK5, T10, etc., heat treatment hardness hrc52-55 degrees.


Strong crusher blades: SK5, T10, 9crsi, 6CrW2Si, etc., heat treatment hardness hrc55-58.


Granulator blade: Cr12MOv, W6Mo5Cr4v2, etc., inlaid with tungsten carbide. Heat treatment hardness hrc58-62 degrees.