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The Material Quality Of The Chipper Knife Affects The Productivity Of The Enterprise
- Jul 27, 2018 -

At present, in the processing of wood chips, high-hardness chipper knives are favored by users. In addition to the high price, other parameters are superior to traditional carbon steel tools, and manufacturing tools have been used abroad for many years. At present, domestic tool companies have just been produced. Many of the tools used by enterprises are imported from abroad, and most users still use some products with lower performance and poor stability for less demanding chippers. Due to the poor wear resistance of carbon steel tools, many users have to sharpen the knife several times to maintain normal production, which causes great trouble for the enterprise and is not conducive to efficient production and fast delivery.


In modern industrial production, most industrially developed countries pay more attention to the development of cutting tools. Of course, they are inseparable from the standard and standardized tools. The same is true for the chipper blade industry. Since the manufacturing tools are the tools needed for wood chipping, they can be industrial. The quality of the product plays a certain role in safeguarding. As China's economy enters a stable period, the tool industry structure is gradually optimized, and the quality requirements for industrial products are also increasing. This requires the blade of the chipper. It is getting higher and higher, so in the next few years, China's chipper blade industry will definitely develop in the high-end direction. The industry has already carried out actions to optimize the structure of products and improve product quality.


How to improve the quality of the chipper knife, must take into account the strength, hardness and wear resistance of the tool manufacturing steel, to meet the requirements of the use of chipper knives, at the same time, the company's production strength is also very important, technological innovation is always a tool Develop the first momentum. Especially with the development of science and technology, the manufacture of tools has become more and more demanding on the surface properties of materials. The rise of various tool technologies in recent decades has led to the rapid development of research and application of heat treatment technologies. Not only realizes the requirements of the company for tool performance, but also plays an important role in the field of tool materials in China, which not only makes the low-cost metal materials play a greater advantage in performance and efficiency, but also has become an important means to develop various tools, with huge Application potential.