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The Second Round Of US Tariffs At The Beginning Of The Non-ferrous Metals
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Last night, the US announced a list of recommended products that imposed a 10% tariff on US$200 million in Chinese exports to the US for public comment. The process of soliciting comments will last for about two months, and the process will be completed on August 30. After that, the US can take action. Finally, whether it is taxed or which products are levied. After the news was released, the global metal market showed great panic and panic sentiment quickly spread.

We need to face up to the Sino-US trade friction. We believe that the current Sino-US trade friction is gradually warming up. The Trump Group actually has two major interests. The traditional automobile industry and the traditional energy industry are in the first round of Sino-US trade confrontation. China has imposed tariffs on US cars and allowed Tesla, which is excluded in the United States, to build factories in Shanghai. At the same time, China is actively expanding the trade consensus between China and Europe and China to avoid one-way trade frictions with the United States. On Tuesday, China and Germany reached a consensus on extremely core technology transfer and intellectual property protection. This is a very important milestone in Sino-German trade relations. China and Russia are likely to reach a trade and military cooperation agreement in May. It is not as inaction as the pessimistic expectations of the market. We can think that this round of tariff levy is a unilateral retaliatory measure by the US. After the North Korean issue has failed to negotiate, the Trump administration will prepare another vote for the mid-term election in November, and will form a talk in the unilateral trade friction. The situation is not the current unilateral bearish.


In the operation of non-ferrous metals, we all agree that we need to comply with market sentiment in the short term. The main non-ferrous varieties of copper and zinc are facing the situation of offset adjustment. The technical side may lead to the pursuit of short-selling funds, so we need to follow in the short term. the Lord. From the medium and long-term perspective, the biggest price factor for environmental protection is still there, and there is no possibility of reversal.


This article is read through Internet, and sincerely hope the new tariff has no influence on machine knife business between US and China. And US customers, any plastic pelletizer knife or paper cutting knife, ice resurfacing blade demands, come to us soon, in case theres any tariff increase in the future.