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Types And Selection Of Packaging Knife For Carton
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Carton blades(Packaging knife for carton cutting) have various types of trimming paper separators, triple, quadruple slotting cutters, cross cutters, paper guides, shovel cutters, paper cutters, machete and thin blades for production lines. The edge of the cut cardboard has a smooth, smooth and non-squeezing edge, which improves the overall quality and appearance of the cardboard. In particular, it can fundamentally improve the quality of the subsequent printing. The materials are selected: T8A, T10A, 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, W6Mo5Cr4V2, etc. And developed a variety of thin knife special grinding wheel: diamond, cubic boron nitride grinding wheel, high hardness, good wear resistance, durable.

From the boring tool which cuts the pulp from the pulp into a crumb-like shape to the slitting knife which cuts the finished product into a certain size, various tools are indispensable in the manufacture of goods related to papermaking and paper pulp. Its good quality is very important, it directly affects the quality of the products and the value of the goods. In addition, one is because the raw materials become diversified and difficult to cut. The other is because the users have high requirements for improving production capacity and economic efficiency. In the high-speed machinery of the machine, in order to improve the operation rate and make the cut surface more uniform, the research succeeded in adapting to various raw materials and products. The type of steel, coupled with proper heat treatment, further ensures the sharpness and wear resistance of the tool.