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What Is The Reason For Ice Hockey To Become The National Ball Of Canada?
- Nov 24, 2018 -

a. Very simple, climatic reasons, from about November to March or even at the end of March each year is basically winter. Large outdoor sports are basically a few ice hockey.
b. Economic conditions, ice hockey is a sport that burns money. The equipment on the whole body is very expensive. Canada has the above-mentioned climatic conditions and the average economic conditions of the whole people are good, so the participation is also very high.
c. The government strongly supports that under the first two conditions, the number of participants is not a problem, so the government has also invested in the construction of a very large number of ice hockey stadiums for the masses.
d. In terms of system, Canada has also done a very good job. From the 5-6 year old children's ice hockey league to the junior high school ice hockey league to the later high school age group, each age group has a very advanced advanced system. Excellent coaching team and management mechanism for team players.
e. Enterprise support, a large number of large companies in Canada have invested a lot of money in the ice hockey industry. Of course, it is mainly for enterprises that sponsoring money in the ice hockey industry will give them a high exposure and a relatively high level. Good word of mouth. No matter what the original intention is, it is decisive for the Canadian ice hockey business. It is because of these sponsorships that many young and unprofitable young teams can operate healthily and continue to cultivate new talents. It can be said that these points are indispensable and are the reasons why the ice hockey has become the Canadian national ball.

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