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Beware Of A Hot Cold On A Sauna Day
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Now many places are hot summer, summer is also easy to catch a cold.


The cold of hot summer day, common people call hot cold, Chinese medicine called heat wet cold. Hot typhus often occurs after the summer solstice, especially on a hot and humid "sauna day".


The main symptom of a hot cold


The common cold is divided into the common cold and the flu two kinds, the hot cold is a kind of summer common cold. A cold in summer is usually a cold with internal heat in the body (what is commonly referred to as "fire" is also an internal heat) and then a cold with wind. The cold of summer has the condition of heat and humidity more.


The internal causes of heat and cold include too much heat, too much consumption, too little sleep in hot weather, a sore throat, too little activity, and anger and fire caused by things. Let's see what are the external causes, such as cooling water, low air conditioning, no cover for sleep, long time fan blowing, etc.


It is recommended that you blow less air conditioning, eat less cold drinks, protect your health and have the energy to discuss the machine knife business.