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Christmas And New Year Greetings For Some Special Countries
- Dec 22, 2018 -

Jewish believers do not believe that Jesus is their savior, so they are not Christmas. But apart from the Israelis, there are actually many merchants in the United States who are Jewish, such as Disney, Warner Bros., MGM, Paramount, Spielberg, Greenspan, Soros, Buffett, Zuckerberg... They are all Jews.

The Jews passed the "Happy Hanukkah", and Jews in the United States even pretended to go to Chinese restaurants for dinner at Christmas. (Of course, the main reason for this tradition is that only Chinese restaurants are open for Christmas.)

Russia and other Orthodox areas, Christmas on January 7, the greeting is "S prazdnikom!", meaning "best wishes".

Most Indians believe in Hinduism or Islam, and they don't care much about Christmas, but Christmas is a national holiday in India. Blessings also use "Happy Holidays."

The Queen’s Christmas message for decades has been “Happy Christmas” instead of the word “merry”. Because “merry” can describe people’s drunkenness, the Queen probably thinks the word is relatively low? (merry: What am I doing wrong?) For UK customers, try "Happy Christmas"!

Tips: Greeting Christmas in different languages
French: Joyeux Noël! (Can also use this greeting in French-speaking Canada)

German: Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Spanish: Feliz Navidad!

Russian: S prazdnikom!