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Don't Say Merry Christmas To The Every Guest
- Dec 22, 2018 -

I have a friend who works in a large American company. Every Christmas, their American CEOs send a group of blessings, but never said "Merry Christmas", they have always said "Happy Holidays", "Season's Greetings" and "Happy". New Year".

She later asked a US colleague to know that the CEO was specifically avoiding "Merry Christmas" or even "Christmas." In the past few years in the United States, although Christmas has a strong holiday atmosphere, such as Christmas trees, red decorations, etc., official occasions, business occasions, including promotional flyers in shopping malls, will not say "Merry Christmas", but " Happy Holidays".

Since then, when she sent Christmas greetings to foreign friends, she also paid special attention to the use of greetings.

Why should you avoid it? The simplest reason is that Christmas is a religious holiday and belongs only to Christianity. Although it has become increasingly secular, it is of course offensive to Muslims or Jews with other religious beliefs to bless their "Merry Christmas".

So if you know that your guest is a Muslim or a Jew, don't give him any Christmas wishes, and you may be thankless. I will not start here to say which countries are Islamic countries. If you don't confirm, you can search Baidu.

Special reminders are:

Personal religious belief

Some countries with a majority Muslim population also have Christians. For example, in Nigeria, there are both Muslims and Christians, and conflicts often occur between the two sides. Therefore, according to the customer's beliefs to send blessings, all the "Happy Holidays" are not confirmed.