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Circular Blade Is Still The Mainstream Product Of Tool Manufacturing Industry
- Jul 15, 2018 -

For now, the circular blade production still is the mainstream product tool manufacturing industry, the development of the industry in order to obtain higher opportunity, put forward to speed up the circle blade motors manufacturing industry development, promote the circle blade industry transformation and upgrading of the proposal, make circular blades have a certain industrial foundation and development in the field of manufacturing advantages, high-tech industrial manufacturing as breakthrough, promote circular blade industry transformation and upgrading, insisting that leads the development of the first innovation as a driving force, take the initiative to adapt to and lead the new normal economic development, vigorously implement the strategy of innovation driven development, transformation of manufacturing innovation achievements into corporate profits, So that the industry has access to sustainable development opportunities.

In recent years, the regional development had the new target for circular blade manufacturing, the action from manufacturing to strengthen, round blade production as one of the main platforms of r&d and innovation is the most active field, the results of the most abundant, many manufacturing enterprises obtain a bigger development by innovation. This year, the development of the circular blade will enhance supply structural reform, vigorously promote productivity, cost reduction action, full implementation of intelligent manufacturing and the key core technology as the breakthrough point, to concentrate on enterprise manufacturing equipment upgrades and Internet promotion plan, we will accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing base with international competitiveness.

At the same time, the industry has implemented innovation-driven service, continuously improved regional innovation system construction, and made new progress in scientific and technological work of circular blade production. Now, open tool manufacturing enterprise innovation mechanism, optimizing the allocation of resources of science and technology, improve the overall integration of resources, deepening the multi-agent collaborative innovation, cultivate a new cutting tool industry and economic growth point. At the same time, we will speed up the establishment of a circular blade industry science and technology, on the basis of perfecting the existing innovation platform, to speed up a batch of newly introduced innovation platform landing and play to utility, strengthen the gen platform and the construction of high and new technology research and development, to offer innovative elements, strengthen the original innovation.