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Performance Of Machine Knife
- Jul 15, 2018 -

When we choose the blade, mainly focus on the performance of machine knife, when use can be very good for our service, and can be used many times, can cut different objects, so we when they search the blade according to their own needs first search keywords, and then to choice more suitable new blades for our procurement standards, so we need to know how about the performance of the blade when purchasing the blade, so this paper will mainly introduce a plane maple blades application performance, so that we in the later choice blades have a reference standard.

1. Hardness

Maple blades is mainly used to this kind of machine is installed on the machine maple, and used for cutting material, different material hardness is different, so this kind of blade in order to meet the demand also has the very strong hardness, and this is also the basic characteristics of mechanical blade, the hardness of this kind of blade will be larger than the average hardness of raw materials, thus can be used in various fields, usually can also be cutting metal objects.

2. Wear resistance

We want machine when the choose and buy maple blades can service life is long enough, and there will not be any problem in the middle, this is also the requirement of blade abrasion resistance, hardness higher normally blade its wearability is good also, so this kind of blade abrasion resistance is also very good, in fact, wear resistance and its composition, the hardness of hard spots of this kind of blade is higher, and the uniform distribution on the blade material, so it has a high wear resistance.

3. Good toughness

Toughness is machine maple blades in use process won't appear the phenomenon of broken, and under the high vibration strength still can be a very good job, won't appear accidental phenomena, machine maple blades without good toughness, so mechanical usually easily when they are in cutting hard objects such as blade blade under bad conditions.