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Common Problems During Ramadan
- Jun 27, 2018 -

The Middle East as a huge market, China's export enterprises in this for a month of Ramadan (on May 16 in lent, end) on June 15, inevitably in the need and the Middle East (including countries such as Indonesia, brunei), should pay special attention when treat people right now, don't violate other's taboo, affect both sides relations of cooperation.

This is a tribute to the staff of the export enterprises visiting islamic countries during Ramadan who should pay particular attention to this issue. In addition, if middle eastern customers visit us in China during Ramadan, we should pay special attention not to eat and drink in front of them and not invite them to eat.

Common problems during Ramadan

1. I can't get in touch with the guests at all. Did you go to Ramadan?

Muslims are still required to work during Ramadan, but working hours are shorter and less efficient, and there is no normal lack of access. During Ramadan, Muslim guests typically work from 9 am to 2 PM. Some people work at night and rest during the day. It is best to avoid contacting customers between 7pm and 9pm local time, when they are usually dining.

Orders during Ramadan do have an impact. Shipments will also decline for the month. But not with a holiday. Before Ramadan, some customers will place intensive orders, so in April and may, they are basically staring at the production and shipment of the previous batch of goods.

2. During Ramadan, why didn't the guests return the development letter?

During Ramadan, send fewer product development letters and send more greetings to customers. Muslim clients, who work shorter hours, spend that limited time dealing only with the most pressing matters and pay less attention to development letters.

3. Is it true that the customer said that the bank does not work during Ramadan and cannot make payment?

Banks are at work during Ramadan, but working hours have been adjusted. They don't rest until eid.

I want to greet Muslim guests in Ramadan. What should I say?

"RAMADAN KAREEM" or "RAMADAN MUBARAK" can be changed from the first salutation to "EID MUBARAK".