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Efficient Heat Treatment Process For Disc Chipper Blades
- Jul 22, 2018 -

At the same time of the rapid development of the domestic tool industry, the managers of the company are always awake, striving to develop the development of high-hardness materials, and improving the gold content of the domestic disc chipper blades. In the past, the development of domestic SMEs was extensive. Mainly, the production cost is reduced by the cheap labor in the mainland. The technical disadvantage makes the market chaotic, and the lack of high-end products brings opportunities to foreign companies. Domestic companies have to spend several times the price to buy complex tool products for wood. The development of the processing industry brings a great economic burden.


According to the analysis, the high-quality heat treatment technology can significantly increase the number of carbides precipitated in the steel, and the dispersion is uniform, and the matrix structure is also remarkably refined, which makes the quality of the chipper blade better. The use of vacuum treatment has a great influence on the performance of steel. In terms of hardness, wear resistance, impact toughness and red hardness, the performance of the vacuum chipper blade is greatly improved. As a new process vacuum treatment, in the heat treatment of the chipper blade, the service life of the chipping process can be significantly improved, which has great practical value.


However, due to the huge investment in vacuum processing equipment, many small chipper blade manufacturers are discouraged; at the same time, the price of vacuum processing is relatively high, which invisibly pushes up the manufacturing cost of the tool, in the current domestic market. In the highly competitive tool market, companies do not really recognize the quality of vacuum tools, and it is difficult to obtain good sales results. Therefore, in the next few years, domestic tool companies need to continuously research and promote vacuum tools, and carry out in-depth research on the actual problems of the technology and equipment of the technology, and can meet the requirements of long-term stable production after improvement. It has laid a solid technical foundation for the large-scale application of this technology.