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Influence Of Machine Performance On Machined Surface Quality
- May 25, 2018 -

Influence of machine performance on machined surface quality

Effect of wear resistance on surface quality

Between the two contact surfaces of a newly processed Sassafras pair, the initial stage is touched on the surface of the rough surface, the actual contact area is far less than the theoretical contact area, and there is a very large unit stress in the contact part, which causes the actual contact area to produce plastic deformation, elastic deformation and shear failure between the peaks. Serious wear and tear.

Effect of fatigue strength on surface quality

Under alternating load, the concave Valley location of surface roughness easily causes stress concentration and produces fatigue striae. The greater the surface roughness is, the deeper the surface marks are, the worse the resistance to fatigue failure is. Residual stress has great influence on fatigue strength of parts. The residual tensile stress of the surface layer will enlarge the fatigue crack and accelerate the fatigue failure, and the residual stress in the surface layer can prevent the fatigue crack growth and delay the fatigue failure.