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Some Suggestions On Improving The Efficiency Of Cutting Tools
- May 25, 2018 -

Some suggestions on improving the efficiency of cutting tools

Emphasis is placed on minimizing the entire processing cost of parts rather than reducing the cost of tool consumption. From the latest statistical data, the cost of cutting tools is only 3% of the processing cost of the whole part, which is negligible compared with the processing time and consumption of 97%. Therefore, our proposal also focuses on reducing the entire processing cost.

Four goals. When designing a new processing plan or modifying the existing processing program, it is suggested that the following four tasks be taken as the main goal: cycle time, tool life, part quality and surface roughness. And make it clear and graded into indicators that can be checked and accepted. At the same time, when designing the processing plan and making the expected target, you should consult with the tool distributors, and you will be successful and get a faster and better return.

Understanding and mastering is the rule of cutting force generation and action in cutting various materials. For example, if we grasp the law of cutting force, we can choose the direction of cutting force that can increase the clamping stiffness of parts to process. The radial force can also be changed into the direction of axial force to be processed by considering the method of reducing cutting depth.

The advantage of tool geometry is used to improve production efficiency. For example, a tool with a main deflection angle is selected to increase the feed rate, increase chip thickness, and improve the cutting rate.