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Measures To Improve The Surface Quality Of Machined Workpieces
- May 25, 2018 -

Measures to improve the surface quality of machined workpieces

Scientific and reasonable process planning is the basis for ensuring the surface quality of workpiece.

Scientific and reasonable process rules are the basis for machining workpieces. Only by making scientific and reasonable technical regulations can we provide a scientific and reasonable basis for the requirement of the surface quality of the workpiece, and make it possible to meet the requirements of the surface quality of the workpiece. The requirement for scientific and reasonable process regulations is that the process flow should be short and the positioning must be accurate. When choosing the positioning datum, the positioning datum and the design datum should be coincided as far as possible.

Reasonable selection of cutting parameters is the key to ensure machining quality.

Selecting reasonable cutting parameters can effectively inhibit the formation of chip formation, reduce the height of theoretical machining residual area, and ensure the surface quality of workpiece. The choice of cutting parameters mainly includes the choice of cutting tool angle, the choice of cutting speed and the choice of cutting depth and feed speed. It is proved that the cutting tool can effectively inhibit the formation of the chip, because the cutting force decreases, the cutting deformation is small and the length of the cutting tool contact is shorter, which reduces the foundation of the formation of the chip.