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Selection Of Cutting Tool Materials For High Speed Cutting
- May 25, 2018 -

Selection of cutting tool materials for high speed cutting

Aluminium alloy

Easy cutting aluminum alloy

The material is widely used in aerospace industry. The cutting tools are K10, K20 and PCD. The cutting speed is from 2000 to 4000m/min, the feed rate is 3 to 12m/min, the front angle of the tool is 12 to 18 degrees, the rear angle is 10 to 18 degrees, and the angle of the blade can reach 25.

Cast aluminum alloy

According to the different Si content of cast aluminum alloy, the selected tools are different. For cast aluminum alloy with Si content less than 12%, K10 and Si3N4 tools can be used. When the content of Si is greater than 12%, PKD (artificial diamond), PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and CVD diamond coated tools can be used. For the Si Si alloy with Si content of 16% to 18%, it is best to use PCD or CVD diamond coated tools, the cutting speed can be 1100m/min and the feed rate is 0.125mm/r.

cast iron

For casting, when the cutting speed is greater than 350m/min, it is called high speed machining, and cutting speed has a great influence on the selection of cutting tools. When the cutting speed is lower than 750m/min, the coated cemented carbide and cermet can be selected. When the cutting speed is 510 to 2000m/min, the Si3N4 ceramic tool can be selected. When the cutting speed is 2000 to 4500m/min, the CBN tool can be used.