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Some Items Of Attention During The Use Of The Blade
- May 25, 2018 -

Some items of attention during the use of the blade

In the hardware industry, it is generally believed that too much money is spent on the wrong blade. Although knowing this problem exists, what is the solution? Most hardware companies only try to buy cheaper blades. That does help, but it is not a solution to this problem. So why not choose a more structured approach?

Some buyers usually spend quite a lot of time negotiating lower prices. But the impact on production cost is negligible, not to mention productivity.

Outcomes Research

All factories have a collection point of waste blades. There is no more interesting thing than studying the waste blade, which leads to the formation of a pragmatist view of how a blade is used (abused), and this means can be used to reduce costs.

Considerations should be the following easily measurable factors:

How many different kinds of blades are used?

What is the average number of cutting edges owned by the blade?

What percentage of the cutting edge is used relative to the length of the cutting edge?

How many pieces of wear, damage or unused cutting edge?