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How To Check The Quality Of The Blade Welding?
- May 25, 2018 -

How to check the quality of the blade welding?

In order to ensure welding quality, the welding tools should be carefully inspected to find out the causes of defects and improve them. Before examination, the tool must be sandblasting or gently grinding the solder and impurities adhered to the surface of the blade and cleaned with kerosene. The items and requirements for the inspection are as follows:

First, check the weld strength: use a green silicon carbide wheel to grind the back of a lathe tool to check the thickness of the solder layer. The thickness is below 0.15 mm. There should be no porosity and insufficient solder at the bottom of the tool tip. The weld that is not filled is not more than 10% of the total length of the weld. If there is a gas hole, the blade will fall off when cutting.

Two. Check the position of the blade in the tool slot: if the blade is misplaced and droop exceeds the technical requirements, it should be re welded.

Three, check the welding strength: use wood hammer or copper hammer to strike the blade with medium strength, or hammer with I hammer to strike the knife bar strongly, when the blade does not fall off from the knife slot to be qualified. Check the welding strength of the blade and do not check it one by one.

Four. Check the smoothness of the blade: if there is a dent in the blade, it means that the blade is overheated and the new blade should be burned.