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The Most Difficult Country In The World To Clear Customs - Indonesia
- Aug 11, 2018 -

Recently, according to the feedback from other foreign traders, due to the new policy of Indonesian Customs, there is a full red light situation in Indonesia. After the goods arrive in Indonesia, it is difficult to clear the customs.


Indonesia, the world's most stringent customs inspection method, customs clearance time may be as long as 2-5 months, the majority of foreign trade and logistics companies pay attention to the delay in the delivery of goods due to customs clearance investigation!


In Indonesia, customs are divided into Red Light Customs and Green Light Customs. If a certain export goods is red lighted in Indonesian customs, the customs will pay more attention to protecting the local enterprises that produce the goods. When export enterprises export goods to Indonesia, they will encounter stricter customs measures.


Every year from December to March, the red light period for customs clearance for Indonesia. Indonesia Customs will conduct a thorough investigation of import customs clearance in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies. Customs clearance procedures require more formalities than before, and for a longer period of time, if it is not properly operated, it will also generate more expenses.