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Achieving better surface of circular knife
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Sometimes we will receive circular knife inquiry with strict surface requirement, even not often, but people may want to know how to achieve it. Then we need to talk about mirror grinding.


Mirror grinding is a grinding method that can achieve minimum surface roughness. After grinding, the surface roughness Ra is no more than 0.01 micron, and the light is like a mirror, which can be clearly photographed. Therefore, it is called mirror grinding.


The technical requirements

The grinding machine for mirror grinding should have the following conditions: high precision, rigidity and vibration reduction measures; The rotation accuracy of the grinding wheel spindle is higher than 1 micron. The amplitude of grinding wheel frame relative to working table is less than 1 micron. The transverse feed mechanism can move accurately. The working table is not crawling at low speed. Mirror grinding, first USES the particle size within 60 ceramic binder grinding wheel, the fine repair, make effective grinding grain on the surface of the grinding wheel form many contour half passivity micro blade, cut off only when grinding fine abrasive dust, and has the appropriate friction polishing effect, the surface roughness Ra0.08 ~ 0.04 microns, the ultra fine grinding stage. Then use abrasive powder (W14 ~ W5), resin binder and grinding wheel made of graphite packing, after fine nap, under pressure from the appropriate grinding for mirror grinding, polishing after a certain time of the friction effect, finally reach the mirror surface roughness Ra is not more than 0.01 microns. Mirror grinding of grinding amount is small, such as cylindrical grinding, grinding wheel speed for 15 ~ 20 m/s, the workpiece speed is less than 10 m/min, the workbench of feed speed of 50 to 100 mm/min, the transverse feed grinding depth is 3 ~ 5 microns, and without the light of the feed mill 20 ~ 30 times. When grinding, the cutting fluid should be sufficient, and there should be a good filter device to avoid scratching the workpiece surface. Single particle diamond grinding wheel dressing with sharp, trimming, at the rate of 6 ~ 10 mm/min workbench and transverse feed 2 ~ 4 times, each time cut deep 2 ~ 3 micron, no feed lightwork again.