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Advantages of machine knife vacuum heat treatment technology
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Machine knife vacuum heat treatment technology has a series of outstanding advantages: vacuum heat treatment has the function of anti-oxidation. Surface oxidation, decarbonization, and reduction cleaning, dispense tool roughing process, can save expensive tool steel and raw and auxiliary materials consumption, save processing time, reduce the product cost; Vacuum heat treatment with vacuum degassing, degreasing and no hydrogen embrittlement danger, to prevent the machine knife material embrittlement of refractory metal surface, make the machine knife material surface improve purity, improve tool fatigue strength, plasticity and toughness and corrosion resistance, prolong the service life of the machine knife; Vacuum heat treatment quenching deformation is small, can reduce conventional quenching distortion correction of the stress, reduce the possibility of machine knife fracture in use process, vacuum heat treatment deformation of machine knife for 1/2-1/10 of the salt bath quenching, quenching after generally does not need correction can be fine grinding processing to finished product; The vacuum heat treatment process has good stability and repeatability. Once the process is determined, the heat treatment operation will run automatically as long as the process is entered. Avoid tool quality fluctuation caused by unstable heat treatment process. Vacuum heat treatment USES less electricity, and the energy consumption is 80% of the conventional heat treatment. The production cost is low, but the one-time investment cost is large. The operation of vacuum heat treatment is safe and highly automated, and the working environment is good.

The application of cryogenic technology in tool products has evolved from the application of die industry. Like heat treatment, cryogenic treatment has a lot to do with material properties, temperature and speed. Cryogenic technology is on the material in the below - 130 ℃ for processing technology of a kind of method, cryogenic treatment can not only significantly increase the mechanical properties and service life of cutting tools, stable size, improve, reduce the deformation uniformity, and easy to operate, does not destroy the artifact, no pollution, low cost, is of great help to improve the quality of our machine knives.