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Classification of shear blade
- Sep 30, 2018 -

There are no restrictions on the shear blades in the shearing machine, so you should pay attention to the processing during the processing. According to the specifications of the machine, the model of the tool is determined. The conventional mechanical blades have certain standards, so the process effect is very consistent. Reasonable, and the staff should pay attention to observe the progress of this place during the operation of the shearing machine. If the running bearing is seriously damaged, it will not only cause abnormal sound, but also reduce the quality of the processed product, so we are in this respect. Need to pay special attention, especially when purchasing the tool of the manual machine, it is necessary to combine the principle of mechanical lever, and then use the shearing knife holder to carry out the cutting work of the plate. After all, the manual shearing machine is still dangerous, if it is in operation A little carelessness in the process will not only hurt yourself, but also reduce the efficiency of the whole machine. When dealing with the shear blades of the electric shearing machine, you need to select the corresponding one according to the pressure value of the motor and the parameters of each device. In general, the loss of the motor is very large, so you need to pay special attention to it in this respect. If the handling is improper, the wear of the electric device will be increased. It will also bring negative effects to the crew.