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Cost of non standard circular knife is high
- Sep 03, 2018 -

Customers who have bought circular blades know that the standard specifications for circular blades are very good, and the price is not high. So why are non-standard circular blades expensive? In fact, because the standard specifications of the circular blade is a general specification required by the market, if you buy more customers, it will stock up.

Why is the price of non-standard circular blade high? That is, when you need a non-standard circular blade for the average user, the amount is small, and a few trials are used to see the effect. However, as we all know, the production process, heat treatment and sharpening used for several pieces of circular blades or several hundred or several thousand standards are the same, but there are differences in time. Besides, if there are only a few quantitative, factories can't get time to do it, therefore, non-standard circular blade costs more.