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Cross-cutting machine blade - mechanical blade necessary for cardboard processing
- Sep 18, 2018 -

The cross-cutting blade is a cutting blade used in carton processing machinery. It is used for transverse cutting of the finished cardboard, which requires high technical performance and product precision. The quality and parallelism of the blade will directly affect the finished cardboard. Whether the cutting size is accurate and the appearance of the slit is smooth and beautiful.

The cross-cutting blade is a special blade for the corrugated board production line that is cut by the cardboard. It is a long strip-shaped cutting blade with a sharp edge. It is suitable for horizontal cutting of various types of packaging paper and corrugated paperboard; it can automatically cut corrugated paper products of different sizes through certain control methods, due to the production and processing of carton packaging enterprises.

The cross-cutting machine blade is generally processed by composite forging. It adopts high-quality carbon steel cutter body and edge-inserted high-speed steel. Its technical requirements must be such that the cutting edge and the cutter body have no transition, no gap, no peeling and other defects. The product has the advantages of high toughness, high chipping resistance, wear resistance, smooth, sharp and stable cutting edge, and precise and smooth cutting quality.

The cross-cutting machine blades can be classified into mechanical cross-cutting blades and computer spiral cross-cutting blades according to the transmission control mode of the cross-cutting machine. The mechanical cross-cutting blade is processed by mechanical fixed length, and the dimensional error is small. The computer spiral cross-cutting blade is controlled by industrial control computer. The advantage is that the setting length is convenient, the cutting efficiency is high and the specification is precise, and the product can be cut. The error is controlled within ±1mm. The computer-controlled cross-cutting machine generally uses a spiral cutter to cross-cut the blade, which is more suitable for high-speed machining. It can cut medium and thick cardboard of various specifications, and the paper cutting is stable, and the blade has a long service life.

The cross-cutting machine is suitable for horizontal cutting of paper, and can process various types of carton packaging, three-layer, five-layer, seven-layer corrugated paper, cardboard, cardboard, paper box, paper-plastic packaging, color printing packaging, shaped box, etc. A variety of paper products packaging supplies, can also process all kinds of gold and silver cardboard, laser laser security paper, white paper and all kinds of thin paper. It is widely used for horizontal cutting of carton, packing box, trademark, calendar, wine box, poker, paper-plastic composite.