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Crusher tool safety knowledge
- Oct 14, 2018 -

It has been found that the use of titanium alloy as the tool body material reduces the quality of the component and improves the fracture limit and the limit speed of the tool. The clamping and adjustment structure of the blade and the tool holder should eliminate the play as much as possible, and the repeatability is required. In the structure of the cutter body, care should be taken to avoid and reduce the stress concentration. The grooves on the cutter body (including the seat groove, the chip pocket and the keyway) may cause stress concentration and reduce the strength of the cutter body. Therefore, the corners of the groove and the bottom of the groove should be avoided as much as possible. At the same time, the structure of the cutter body should be symmetrical to the rotary shaft so that the center of gravity passes through the axis of the milling cutter. In addition, the diameter of the machine-clamped high-speed milling cutter reveals a trend of smaller diameter and reduced number of teeth, which is also conducive to the improvement of tool strength and rigidity. Reduce the quality of the tool, reduce the number of tool components, simplify the relationship between the fracture limit of different tools of the same diameter and the quality of the tool body, the number of tool components and the number of contact faces of the tool. The comparison shows that the tool quality is higher. Light, the number of components and the fewer contact surfaces of the components, the higher the limit speed of the tool breakage. However, because of the sensitivity of titanium alloy to the slit, it is not suitable to manufacture the cutter body. Therefore, some high-speed milling cutters have used high-strength aluminum alloy to manufacture the cutter body. Wood shredder blade high-speed milling cutter has widely used HSK tool holder to connect with the machine tool spindle, which greatly improves the rigidity and repeat positioning accuracy of the tool system, which is beneficial to the advancement of the tool breaking limit speed.