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How do you know the quality of the shear blade for metal cutting?
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Shearing machine blades are an important tool for cutting metal sheets, especially when shearing stainless steel, so it is necessary to make the blade of the shearing machine sharp and wear-resistant and resistant. Therefore, the quality of the shearer blade determines the quality of the shearing effect. The quality of the blade of the shearing machine is not distinguishable from the appearance, but it is not difficult to distinguish by the following points.

A set of excellent shearing machine blades, more than seven or eight thousand, less two or three thousand, depending on the data and production technology is not the same, the difference is also very large. And we usually neglect this point, always asking for inquiries, ratios, usually only pay attention, but neglect the quality. Even if some small-scale shearing machine blade manufacturers cut corners in the data and processing process to reduce costs, it is difficult to distinguish between authenticity.

In the case of the same materials and techniques, the blade cutters are almost always aware of the raw material market used to produce the shears blades, and then compare the quotations of the shearer blade manufacturers. If the offer is lower or slightly higher, then the material is better.

In addition to the material, that is the processing technology in the production process. In the production of shearing machine blades, every process is very important, and the weight is the heat treatment, and a set of qualified shearing machine blades must be quenched twice to reach the hardness table of the blade. The same, the edge is tough and not brittle, durable wear resistance. Some shearing machine blades are produced by manufacturers, in order to reduce the cost, the number of quenching is reduced, and even quenching with soil.