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How to install the wood chipper blade
- Aug 25, 2018 -

The key principle of the wood chipper or wood crushing equipment lies in the wood chipper blade. 

Now I would like to introduce the installation and composition of the wood chipper blade.

  • It is necessary to use torque wrench and torque multiplier when fastening flyknife and bottom knife, and tighten them according to the regular torque value.

  • The fly knife bolts and base knife bolts of the clipper are special high-strength bolts (marked on the head of the bolt), which should not be replaced by normal bolts in case of attack, and should not be replaced by normal bolts in case of attack. The service life of high-strength bolts is one year, and it is necessary to replace all of them after one year.

  • It is necessary to replace the flying knives in a complete set. When sharpening, two sets of flying knives should be used together to ensure that each set of flying knives has the same component and the same component, so as to avoid machine vibration.

  • It is necessary to add cooling fluid when grinding the fly blade and the bottom blade to prevent overheating and burning of the blade or the appearance of rolling blade, so as to ensure the abrasion resistance of the blade

  • Blade grinding is usually done once for 1-2 shifts. After changing the blade for 4 times, the bottom blade should be removed:Check the condition of the blade, and replace the blade edge (usually there are 2-4 blade edges, one blade is worn, and another blade is replaced. When the blade is worn, the blade will be sharpened once.)The contact surface of the bottom blade holder should be smooth, so that when replacing the bottom blade, it is easy to take out the bottom blade holder.

  • Adjust the size of the fly blade to a fixed value, which is not allowed to be changed. If the gap between the fly blade and the bottom blade does not meet the requirements of the rules, only the size of the fly blade can be adjusted