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Knife grinder for metal shear knife
- Aug 22, 2018 -

When the metal shear knife is used for a while, need to be grinded again, then it need knife grinder. Knife grinder is the first known as end face grinding machine, its structure is mainly gantry type. Mainly targeted at: knife grinding center , wood industry, printing industry, paper, plastics industry, book printing industry, medium size knife grinding room and other institutional enterprise users. Main types: automatic sharpener, precision sharpener, nc sharpener, woodworking sharpener, scraper sharpener, printing sharpener, paper cutter sharpener, multi-function sharpener, double grinding head sharpener, circular sharpener, etc.


1. The design of the cutter grinder body is changed from the original loose frame structure to the closed welded steel plate structure. It greatly improves the strength of the body, increases and prolongs its service life.

2. For the collective of steel plate and metal materials after welding, sufficient vibration aging treatment technology is adopted to eliminate and reduce the degree of natural deformation of the machine after processing.

3. The transmission part changes the original belt transmission to rack transmission, overcomes the uneven drop point of travel speed, and ensures its reliability and stability.

4. Change knife grinder grinding head turning Angle of 30 ° to swing swing turning Angle is greater than 90 ° of the original design, make workpiece and change the wheel up and down more convenient and faster.

5. Automatic feed design is adopted in grinding head processing, which improves the degree of automation. It effectively saves the necessary manpower and time for manual feeding and improves the degree of labor of operators.