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How to maintain and use the slitting circular blade
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The slitting machine is widely used in enterprise manufacturing and has a broad market in the market and is popular among enterprises. When selecting a slitting machine blade, most companies will consider the quality of the processing blade, the quality of the mechanical knife, and neglect its maintenance. There are many types of slitting machine blades, which are all used in the slitting machine. The most important component is the slitting circular blade. Due to its small size, sharp edge, frequent use, etc., it is easy to have more problems in use. Then we need to protect it in use, how to reduce the loss of the blade? Now let the LED glass tube blade take you to understand, let the slitter blade better serve us.

Led glass tube blade

During the transportation process, the slitting machine should be placed by means of hanging storage to prevent deformation. The slitter blades should be installed in the correct way, using the matching blades.

2. The blade should be cleaned of dirt and oil immediately after use.

3. To use the round blade moderately, do not overuse it, avoid the personal damage of the face blade, and also help the maintenance of the round blade and reduce the loss.

4. Regularly repair and polish the blade regularly, and regularly repair the slitting machine.

5. Start before use, close after use, and operate according to the specified procedure.

When we use the slitting machine blade, we must carefully maintain the blade, not only can take advantage of the blade, but also cut the product quickly and perfectly, which is also beneficial to the improvement of production efficiency.