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Material selection of crushing blades for ultra-thin corrugated plastic products
- Aug 14, 2018 -

The quality of plastic product crushing blades has always been valued by the packaging industry. Ultra-thin corrugated plastic products crushing blade is an important mechanical blade for high-speed cardboard production lines. The application of ultra-thin plastic products grinding blade improves the quality of paperboard; the purchase of thin knife directly affects the output of corrugated board. The quality depends on the material and heat treatment. Generally, the plastic cutting equipment has the following materials: W6Mn5Cr4V2 High speed steel, Cr12mo1v1 high chromium die steel, 9SiCr alloy tool steel. 9SiCr alloy tool steel is the most widely used and widely used blade material in small enterprises; it has high hardenability, hardenability and good tempering stability, superior to carbon steel and chrome steel, and has simple processing technology and low manufacturing cost. The plastic blade smashing blade made by the same is more suitable for small cardboard processing enterprises with lower linear speed and price. Although the hardness of the plastic product grinding blade is almost the same after the heat treatment of the steel, the price and the manufacturing cost are different due to different steel properties; the high-speed steel blade has high temperature resistance, good toughness and unique red hardness, and the cutting edge remains sharp and durable; Die steel has better performance and lower price than high speed steel; alloy tool steel has the lowest price, but wear resistance is relatively poor. When choosing the right blade, pay attention to the material and thickness of the processed cardboard. The imported blade is not necessarily good. Because the different sand content of corrugated cardboard is different, the most suitable material is the most economical. The amount is much higher than that of alloy tool steel, but compared with the quality and price of alloying, alloy tool steel is more practical for SMEs; for large enterprises, there are strict requirements for production efficiency, and the service life of high-speed steel can guarantee the cutting board. The length is about 500-6.5 million meters. Although the input cost is large, the output of paperboard is greatly increased, and the line speed is also greatly improved, which can better reflect the requirements of large enterprises for sales.