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Precautions for the use of a large round knife
- Aug 01, 2018 -

As we all know, the round knife is widely used in various industries, especially the large cutting round knife. The cutting is precise and fast, and the cut surface is smooth and burr-free is unmatched by saw blade cutting. The diameter of the outer circle of the large round knife generally reaches 200mm or more. Because of the large inertia of the area, when the product is cut at high speed, it is prone to beating and swinging left and right, and it is more and more powerful under the action of inertia. In order to eliminate these unfavorable factors, the blade swing in high-speed rotation can be minimized, and the following aspects can be started:

1. Increase the accuracy of the round knife. The knife is required to be flat and the knife edge is not deformed, that is, the parallelism of the blade parallelism must be controlled within a certain range, which requires the surface of the knife to be ground or even polished.


2. The mounting knife must be standardized and must be debugged before use.


3. Regularly check and adjust or even replace the rotating parts. Regularly adjust the gap and replace it in time for severely worn parts.


4. The operator must be skilled in operation. Especially in the manual cutting operation, the arm is not allowed to shake. Otherwise, the cut surface will be uneven, and even the cracked blade will cause an accident.